House & Apartment

Real-time control of your water consumption exists! If you are concerned about your ecological water footprint or you want to pay attention to your wallet, Shayp is made for your home. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, in 99% of cases the Shayp box is compatible with your water meter. No electricity or Wi-Fi required. Managing your water consumption has never been easier!

Wave goodbye to the risk of water damage! Thanks to our intelligent box whose sensor is fixed on your water meter, your daily consumption is monitored in real time. In the event of a water leak, you are directly alerted by SMS.

The application allows you to have a precise view of your water consumption in litres, m³ and euros. Manually enter the water price in your area, check the graphs and figures analyzed on your application, and relax, Shayp takes care of everything!

Second residence

What a joy, you have a ‘pied à terre’ outside the city or even abroad! As a good family man, your property is insured against fire, theft,… and even against water damage? With Shayp, you no longer have to worry about water damage because our technology will warn you as soon as the smallest water leak (a drop by drop or a leaking toilet for example) is detected, and a larger leak (broken pipe, damaged tube, etc.) ! Contact a plumber, do the repair and you’re done.

Did you know that a simple leaking toilet flush can be the equivalent of an extra person at home, up to 150,000 litres per year? For your wallet this represents nearly 750 € per year!

Settle Shayp in your vacation home and leave this little corner of paradise with peace of mind until next season! Shayp will notify you within the hour if a water leak occurs in your home via its SMS alert system. And thanks to the monitoring platform (app on a smartphone or computer) you will be able to follow your water consumption, or that of your tenants…