Mitigate water damage by up to 50% and save costs for your customers

Multi-residential, commercial, institutional, tertiary sector buildings.

Expected results

18 month payback and 50% ROI over 5 years

over your whole portfolio.

Up to 60% of water mains damage mitigated

with early leak detection and intervention.

Improved risk analysis of your portfolio

by simply eradicating water leaks in buildings.

20% savings on water bills for your average customer

thanks to our interactive water usage tracking app.

Improved customer satisfaction and renewals

including a new marketing strategy.

How big is the problem for you?

Problems encountered in your sector

  • 50% of claims in multi-residential buildings are due to water damage
  • 98% of water damage claims preventable with better control and awareness from policyholders
  • Difficulty creating more frequent touchpoints with your customers
  • Professional leak detection systems are too costly or complicated
  • Sick building syndrome and health hazards caused by water damage

Your sector's data

  • At least 1 in 3 buildings have costly leaks
  • 2% will file a mains water damage claim during the year
  • Only 5% of leakages are spontaneously identified by occupants and maintenance

Our solution for your organisation

Enhance your insurance policies with water saving technology

Shayp identifies and prioritises which buildings require maintenance and helps your clients save costs. Technicians can now see how well plumbing systems are performing and react to any escape of water.

  • A step by step tailored program to go-to-market with Shayp.
  • Non-invasive retrofit hardware that does not require professional plumbing. Runs on a 10 year lifetime battery and can be self-installed by the user in just a matter of minutes.
  • End user app readily available on mobile and desktop that displays water consumption, predicts bills, gives benchmarks and tips to improve the building's footprint.
  • Customizable multi-channel leak alerts (SMS and Email) with a link to guide the user to help find the leak.
  • Shayp’s smart leak detection algorithms automatically adapted to each type of building.
  • General overview of water leakages statistics, repair status and more.


At Cohabs, we aim to limit the use of resources as much as possible in order to reduce our impact on the environment.In our homes, we tend to use durable devices and tracking devices to educate our members about their energy use.Thanks to Shayp, we can also detect water leaks in real time. Installing the device is very easy, and we have personalized support from the team who continues to make constant improvements to the system. For these reasons, Shayp is a key partner for us.
Malik Dauber

Malik Dauber

Director Ejecutivo de Operaciones

Conscientes que las fugas de agua pueden ser muy caras y con la meta de tener una vista más detallada de nuestro consumo de agua, recientemente decidimos equipar nuestros tres hospitales y 4 clínicas con la tecnología Shayp. Esta monitorización nos permite estar informados de cualquier flujo anormal al instante. Las ventajas de este tipo de servicio para un centro hospitalario como EpiCURA son, por lo tanto, múltiples: supervisión global diaria, intervenciones más rápidas en lugares afectados y evidentemente, un ahorro de agua y dinero.

Gestor de Mantenimiento

The care and maintenance of the 5 Iris Sud hospitals represents a daily challenge for our teams. Shayp gives us the opportunity to monitor our water consumption from hour to hour and have peace of mind. Their technology detects any inconsistency and alerts us immediately when a water leak occurs in one of our buildings. We can now save water and money as well as prevent any risk when it comes to the integrity of our plumbing.

Iris Sud Maintenance Service

La asociación establecida con Shayp nos permite controlar nuestro consumo de agua en el "Edificio Central" de la Universidad de Lieja, que se abastece de cinco contadores de agua. Este control nos permite ser alertados en caso de una fuga de agua o de un consumo anormalmente elevado con el fin de reducir nuestro consumo y evitar daños a nuestra infraestructura. Lo que nos atrae especialmente de Shayp es que su tecnología permite reducir el mantenimiento, una granularidad de datos inferior a un cuarto de hora y que se dispone de una API para integrar las mediciones en nuestra plataforma de seguimiento.
Kevin Sartor

Kevin Sartor

Gerente de Energía de la Universidad de Lieja

Shayp has allowed us to identify and solve a critical problem that we did not know before. Startups such as Shayp are a necessity to address the issues of our future. The City of Brussels is proud to collaborate and support Shayp. Shayp has demonstrated a fairly spectacular return on investment. Whereas, when compared to conventional energy investments, returns are only initiated after several years.

Technical Manager Responsible for the Rational Use of Resources

Shayp, a technology that prevents water leaks and thus saves money, is a perfect example of a solution that conserves one of our vital resources, while being economically profitable. For us, it is a matter of course to award it the Solar Impulse Label and to include it in our portfolio of 1,000 solutions. Moreover, by collaborating with the City of Brussels, which is now a partner, Shayp shows how the Solar Impulse Foundation, public authorities and innovative solutions can work together to build a more sustainable world.
Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard

Founder of Solar Impulse