Business development and customer success Intern

Willing to improve our customer experience? Willing to help them to reduce their water footprint and learn more about Shayp? You'll be doing market research, customer reach-out and customer support during the whole sales cycle.


After being introduced to our service, the industry and our position in the industry, you enjoy the excitement of going through the Sales Cycle, from studying a market to closing a deal:

  • 20% Market research and/or Territory Plan (analysis of the market, draft a strategy and target list…)
  • 30% lead generation (research leads, create and maintain a list/database of prospect clients (CRM, Excel..)…)
  • 20% lead qualification and sales pitch (cold calling, digital campaigns, presenting the service…)
  • 20% Answering prospects/customers questions and follow-up call questions
  • 10% improving sales material (testimonials, case studies, etc…)

You will work closely with the Head of Sales, who will accompany you the whole process; to reach the Holy Grail and close a deal (or more!) during your internship.

Preferred skills:

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Language FR/NL/EN

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