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Where will the installer plug the Shayp router?

The installer will plug your Shayp router to your water-meter. He will paste the sensor on the metal plate of your water-meter. If your water-meter doesn’t have a metal plate he will simply use the other cable and attach it to the Shayp router. The best way to attach the shayp router is close to your water-meter: the installer will attach them with straps. Whether in the basement or under concrete, all connectivity issues are dealt with by the installer. If you have any other questions regarding this, you should check the dedicated section of our FAQ here.

How does the installer set up my router?

The installation is a few simple steps. No software download is required. Once the installation is done, register on to create your account and you can start monitoring your consumption.

Can I install the router myself?

No. There will be a professional installation.

How long does a typical installation take?

The professional installation will take around 30 minutes.

How can I tell that my router is working?

You will receive a notification on your smartphone once the professional is done installing your router. Do not forget to install your Shayp app once you get the possibility to log in to your account. If you need any other information about how to install your app, check here.

Do you have to cut pipes to install the System?

Not at all, our installation requires no renovations or costly adaptations: not even a Wi-Fi or power outlet is needed to install this non-invasive wireless device.

How do I know if the Shayp device is compatible with the installed meter ?

Most standard water meters are compatible. If you have any doubt, check the images below. If your water meter looks anything like this, it is compatible.


What is my Shayp ID and where can I find it?

Your unique Shayp ID is a 6 digit code printed on the reverse of your router. For example: ID: XXXXXX. It usually includes 5 digits and 1 letter.

How do I keep track of my water consumption?

Once you are logged in your Shayp account, go to Devices and follow your water consumption for each of your monitored buildings. You will find there the total amount of water leaked and the cost of the leak. You will find there as well an automated inventory of indexes. If you wish to learn more about our technology, go to this page.

How can I install the Shayp app on my mobile?

Shayp is a webapp, which thus will not take any space on your mobile.
For Android: the first time you connect to your account, a banner on the app will offer you the option to pin the webapp on your Home Screen. Simply click on “yes”. If the banner does not appear, just go to parameters of your web browser and select “desktop”.
For Iphone: select “Home screen” in the suggested options at the bottom of your Safari browser.

How do I obtain access to my Shayp account?

Our team will send you an email inviting you to set up your account by creating a password. Once it is done, simply press the “login” button at the top right corner of the Shayp website.

What is the procedure if I need to change my personal information on my account?

Connect to your account here and click on the parameters logo at the top right corner of your Shayp platform. You will be able to change any personal information there.


Who do I contact if there is a water leak detected by your system?

You can contact a water-leak detection company to locate it the leak or a repair company such as OkDo - which is mostly working with professionals.

How does Shayp alert me of a leak?

Once you have access to your Shayp account, you can decide how you wish to be notified of a leak: whether it be by sending you a text message, an email, or by sending an alert to a specific URL - and this way integrating your alerts to a platform that you may already use.

How does Shayp detect leaks?

Shayp detects the minimum water flows during unoccupied times of the building, even buildings with night activity. Shayp reliably detects leaks using “machine learning” and statistical methods that adapt to the consumption pattern of the building. If you wish to learn more about our algorithm, check this page.

How fast can Shayp detect leaks?

Leaks over 4 liters per hour (a trickle) can be detected within an hour. Small ones require more time. In big buildings, leaks are detected within a couple of hours. The detection will be accurate from 24h after the installation.

What are the smallest leaks Shayp can detect?

It depends on the precision of your water meter. We can detect leaks as small as 500 mL per hour.

What happens if I don't repair a leak?

You will receive a few notifications to warn you about your leak, but we will not spam you. However, if we notice that the leak is changing, we will send you new notifications. But more importantly, you will keep loosing water and money.

What do I have to do if I spot a leak that Shayp do not detect?

If that ever happens, please send us an email to this address:


What is Shayp?

Shayp is a fully integrated service that helps building managers and insurers eliminate leaks and related damages thanks to a simple to install and easy to use device made in Europe. We keep properties safe and water bills under control with a fast Return on Investment. Since water is for life, it’s our responsibility to save it. If you are interested in learning more about our environmental engagments, please visit this page.

Is it possible to ask for a demo before ordering?

Absolutely! Please fill in the form you will find on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why do I need a leak detection system?

Because water damage is 3 times more likely to happen than burglary, 6 times more likely than fire. Indeed, it represents 40% of property insurance claims. And let’s not forget to mention great savings on your homeowners insurance and a reduction of your water bill.

How does it work?

Shayp provides you with a device which only takes a few minutes to connect to the existing water meter. Then the high performance external antenna transmits messages flawlessly on an hourly basis providing minute precision granularity. With the help of machine learning any abnormal continuous flow of water is reliably flagged as a leak. Once detected you’ll be notified immediately. Watch this video to learn more.

For which type of customers is your solution designed?

Shayp's water management solution is designed for all types of properties ranging from big industries to small homes and frequently used by facility managers for prioritizing maintenance and controlling costs. Indeed our solution helps monitoring over-coonsumption water bills whether it be for one building or for municipalities. We work as well with insurers so that they can mitigate water damage by up to 50% and save costs for their customers. However we are not currently selling to private owners.

What is your data privacy policy?

Personal data is owned by the user or the buyer (water company or insurance) and that data is under GPDR. Learn more about Privacy Policy here.

How long does the router battery last?

Our battery is designed to last 10 years. You should receive an end to life notification in order to plan ahead its replacement. If you subscribed to Shayp, send us back your device and we will replace it. You'll get a discount. If you paid at once, you'll have to buy a new device. You'll also get a discount. Our router will be 100% recycled. To learn more about our device, please visit this page.

Is the router water resistant?

Yes our router is IP67 waterproof and dust resistant but it's not intended to be submerged in water. To learn more about our device, please visit this page.

What do I do if I notice something wrong or if my Shayp device doesn’t seem to be working properly?

If you need any help with your device or account please send us an email to the following address:

Can the router survive in hard water conditions?

Yes, the router has been designed to withstand all common potable water conditions.

What happens if the power goes out?

All good, the Shayp device works on a battery and does not use wifi, but rather a stand-alone connection. So even without power, the service will go on.

What is guaranteed?

The Shayp device and the sensor are under guarantee for 2 years from the date of purchase. An additionnal 2-year warranty is available upon request. The sticker is not under guarantee therefore the water meter will have to be properly cleaned before sticking it.

Is it possible to get a certification once your buildings are made water efficient thanks to Shayp?

Yes! Shayp can provide you a certification to prove that your buildings are water efficient. Shayp can also help building managers to obtain environmental certifications such as BREEAM for instance. Indeed, smart buildings are more likely to earn such certifications.

Can I reuse my Shayp device if I move?

Yes. If you need to use your Shayp device for another building you will need to reconnect your router using the app. Please remember to email to let us know you have moved and we can update your details.


Do I require WiFi near my water meter?

No. Shayp needs no wifi, no ethernet cable, and no internet connection since messages are sent through the Sigfox network, an ultra low power, long-range radiofrequency. To learn more about our device, please visit this page.

Does my router need a power connection?

No. Your router works with a single battery that should last 10 years. You will receive an end of life notification to plan ahead of its replacement. To learn more about our device, please visit this page.

Should I be concerned about the waves?

The router is turned off 99% of the time and sends the equivalent of one SMS per hour (data transmission) to the Sigfox antenna. Sigfox radio waves radiate 18 times less than smartphones.