Shayp remote monitoring for Gas & Electricity

The same Shayp service, now for all your utilities

Shayp’s long-range, battery powered datalogger is compatible with gas, electric and water meters. It is specifically designed to withstand water, harsh conditions and low connectivity, ensuring an ideal performance even in deep indoor situations.


Everything together

View information about all of your utilities in the same, simple-to-use dashboard.


Get notified about overconsumption or leaks by SMS or email.


Instantly generate simple, beautiful reports to show stakeholders.

User-friendly connected dashboard

Shayp tablet app

An easy-to-read dashboard makes this information accessible to non-technical users without training. And for technicians and developers, we have integrations and an API.


Ready to start saving on your water bill?

Find out today how much you could save based on your property type

Thanks to Shayp, we can also detect water leaks in real time. Installing the device is very easy, and we have personalized support from the team who continues to make constant improvements to the system. - Chief Operating Officer


The advantages of this type of service for a hospital center such as EpiCURA are therefore numerous: daily global monitoring, faster interventions on faulty installations, savings in water and money. - Manager of General Maintenance


What particularly appeals to us about Shayp is that their technology allows for reduced maintenance, a granulaity of data less than a quarter of an hour and that an API is available to integrate the measurements on our tracking platform. - Energy Manager

University of Liège

Shayp has allowed us to identify and solve a critical problem that we did not know before. Startups such as Shayp are a necessity to address the issues of our future. The City of Brussels is proud to collaborate and support Shayp. - Technical Manager Responsible for the Rational Use of Resources

City of Brussels

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