Shayp Dataloggers

Simple and reliable


Getting rid of tricky installation, long cables, need of power supply, maintenance, etc... makes this standalone IoT solution much more cost-effective than anything else.

Industrial grade

CE IP67 and made in Belgium, this piece of hardware is very sturdy and ultra reliable. It holds M8 waterproof connectors and the button is hidden under its shell.

Long battery life

10 year battery with end of life notification in order to plan ahead its replacement.


Equipped with its own range of sensors, this device can retrofit onto nearly any analog water meter or any water meter compatible for AMR.



With the help of supervised machine learning, Shayp automatically establishes the normal water consumption profile of a building. Any continuous water flow baseline detected outside of this pattern is flagged as a leak with tremendous precision, even in buildings with major night-time activity.

API based

Extract Shayp's different datasets through our API. Possible integration into front-ends, ranging from energy management platforms to personalized insurance applications.

Simple, intuitive and user friendly

Shayp is highly intuitive, easy to use and doesn't require any training. Customize user access and alerts so that it can be used by multiple people across your organisation. It integrates a responsive front-end, making it easily usable on both mobile and desktop.

Continuous updates and upgrades

Shayp already delivers very valuable insights on water consumption and watet loss but our technology is being constantly updated and improved. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding specific features.

Data and Privacy

Shayp is fully GDPR compliant, takes privacy very seriously and is fully transparent on the purpose of the acquired data. Our goal is to improve insurance services to better assist property owners and reduce risk, aswell as reduce water loss.


Classification and ranking is immediate. Plumbers or building managers can remotely flag the state of repairs using an SMS.


Risk scoring, service builder and assistance prioritization
Coming soon