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Shayp wins the public tender contract issued by the SWDE, the leading water supplier in Wallonia, for its new smart metering service, easyCONSO.

Shayp, a company specialized in water monitoring and automatic leak detection has become the new trusted technical provider of the SWDE, the Société wallonne des eaux, as part of their new project easyCONSO. easyCONSO is a service created by the SWDE to allow municipalities, communities, and in a general way, building managers to control their consumption and facilitate administrative management.

Shayp is a Belgian company expert in consumption monitoring and water leak detection. The company has created an innovative solution for public and private building managers. Shayp’s solution allows them to become more cost-efficient and sustainable in regard to water consumption and have better efficiency when it comes to maintenance. The SWDE, water supplier to 200 Walloon municipalities, has noted that those municipalities consider water leaks to be a serious problem and need a solution to combat them. The SWDE has therefore decided to provide, on a priority basis, a service suited to the needs of these municipalities.

easyCONSO, an all-inclusive solution to monitor water consumption in buildings

Designed by the SWDE, easyCONSO is a service intended for municipalities, communities, and building managers to view their consumption data and facilitate administrative management. To fulfill this task, the SWDE launched a public tender at the beginning of the year for their new project. Shayp won the Walloon market. This expert in water flow analysis has thus become SWDE’s technical provider for the launch of their service easyCONSO.

easyCONSO combines the following:

  1. Automatic reading of indexes
  2. Remote monitoring and display of water consumption
  3. Alarm notification in case of water leaks
  4. Automatic transmission of the index guaranteeing a reliable bill – effortlessly

This is the technology designed by Shayp: a sensor that connects directly to the existing water meter, making it an intelligent device. Equipped with Shayp’s device, the water meter transmits consumption data even in extreme environments. For instance, if the water meter is located under a concrete slab. The SWDE team, now familiar with this innovative technology, is in charge of the installation. The sensor doesn’t require Wi-Fi or electricity and possesses a minimum of a 10-year lifespan (using a battery).

An intuitive dashboard that prioritizes repairs

The building manager enjoys a real-time overview of his building stock consumption thanks to an energy monitoring platform. Maintenance teams are automatically alerted when a leak is detected. The results of their interventions are immediately visible on the app’s dashboard. This intuitive predictive maintenance solution facilitates and therefore optimizes the work of maintenance teams. This is done by increasing their responsiveness and by ranking the required interventions, which gives municipalities better control over their expenses.

Find out more about Shayp and the SWDE at the Municipalia Trade Fair

You can find out more about easyCONSO during the Municipalia Trade Fair this Thursday on September 30 and October 1, 2021, at Marche-en-Famenne (WEX). This is a unique opportunity to discover the easyCONSO project at the SWDE stand at the Water village (Village de l’eau) and Shayp’s new products on 1A35 stand like its new water management device for tanks and water towers! An excellent opportunity for municipalities to save more water, combat water scarcity, and water leaks on their network.

Watch our YouTube video for a better understanding.

About SWDE

Leading water supplier in Wallonia, the SWDE is also, on a European level, a major public company in water production and distribution. Mindful of their duty as a leader, the SWDE is fully committed to a sustainable social, environmental, societal, and economic approach.

About Shayp

Shayp assists building managers by reducing their water consumption by 22%. That is thanks to the first non-invasive intelligent leakage management system compatible with any type of building. Water leaks are automatically detected and ranked on a priority order. This guarantees cost-effective repairs and a clear improvement of water management resources.

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