We thrive for a better future, aiming to shayp water and save 100 billion litres of water over the next 3 years.

Alex McCormack

Alex is an architectural engineer specialized in sustainable building design. He has always had a creative mind for new strategic methods of reducing environmental footprints in constructions. Fun fact: he has explored different countries through his love for dancing and has won several international competitions.

Zineddine Wakrim

Zineddine is the IoT guru of Shayp. He is an embedded systems engineer and formerly worked in the train transport sector. Fun fact: he's funny, he doesn't need a fun fact

Grégoire De Hemptinne

Greg holds an MBA and has 10 years of experience in software engineering. He is the mastermind behind Shayp's software and data analytics. Fun fact: Mountain leader by training, he climbed iconic summits on 4 continents.

Ingrid Nolet

Ingrid Nolet

Impact & Sustainability Manager

Ingrid is driven by making a positive impact on the environment. She aims to grow the awareness around Shayp so more organizations can make savings on water, locally and on an international level. Fun fact: she has more than 25 plants in her apartment, which becomes a real logistical dilemma when she goes on vacation!

Beatriz Cristóbal Lafuente

Beatriz Cristóbal Lafuente

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager at Shayp, Beatriz is responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans in order to raise brand awareness, attract potential customers and retain existing ones. Fun fact: her main source of energy is photosynthesis in the sun like a plant.

Dugagjin Lashi

Dugagjin Lashi

Software Engineer

Tremendously tech-driven and at the edge of innovation, Dugagjin is an embedded systems engineer, doctor and full-stack developer at Shayp. Fun fact: he is taller than Zineddine, he got fatter during covid and he thinks there is nothing wrong with pizza Hawaii, "pizza is still pizza".

Hernán Blanco

Hernán Blanco

Data Engineer

Hernán is a telecommunication engineer specialized in telematics, holding a research background in the field of distributed databases. At Shayp, he develops our Data Analytics solutions and contributes to deploying them on our systems. Fun fact: his pictures are probably the most common resource when it comes to making memes in our internal channels.


Brieuc Ryelandt

Data Scientist

Brieuc is a bio-science engineer passionate about data and the environment. He is working daily at creating value out of Shayp's data and improving the customers' knowledge about their water consumption. Fun fact: He loves strategic board games.

Charles B1W

Charles Tchamabe

Growth Engineer

Charles helps the sales and marketing team achieve their goals by flowing the pipeline with qualified leads, maintaining and improving the current process and is in charge of the CRM. Fun fact: he thought he was going to be the best Spanish speaker until he met the marketing team.


Renaud Gonce

Embedded Systems Engineer

With a background in engineering science, his work at Shayp is related to the hardware and firmware of Shayp's data logger. Fun fact: he eats the same sandwiches every day.

Ana Pla Raga

Ana Pla Raga

Digital marketeer

As the digital marketing officer at Shayp, Ana is in charge of implementing marketing strategies to raise awareness around Shayp. Fun fact: she is the best "tortilla de patatas" cook in the team even if Beatriz disagrees.

cédric pp linkedin

Cédric Petit

Account Executive

He is developing Shayp in the western French market territories. Fun fact: his uncle was a F1 driver in the 90’ so he always gets speed tickets.


Nadège de Beauffort

Account Executive

She is developing Shayp in the Eastern French and Swiss market and territories. Fun facts: She hates coffee but it does not prevent her to be one of the first at the office in the morning.

Christian Zemmler

Christian Zemmler

Sales Development Representative

His official job description is Sales Development Representative, but his main role is to enlarge Shayp into the German market. Fun fact: Whenever he visits new places, he is the travel guide because he is an expert at comprehending the city maps and travel guides.

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