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We thrive for a better future, aiming to shayp water and save 100 billion liters of water over the next 3 years.

Laurence Battaille

Laurence started her career at CitiGroup, Engie, UCB (VP positions) and works since 2004 with entrepreneurs, investors and C-level executives scaling-up global ventures. Co-created several startups - a.o. in water sector - in Europe and Africa. > 10 years experience as Board member (private, public and non-profit sector) of which De Watergroep. President IESE BE-LUX alumni chapter.

Zineddine Wakrim

Zineddine is the IoT guru of Shayp. He is an embedded systems engineer and formerly worked in the train transport sector. Fun fact: he's funny, he doesn't need a fun fact

Grégoire De Hemptinne

Greg holds an MBA and has 10 years of experience in software engineering. He is the mastermind behind Shayp's software and data analytics. Fun fact: Mountain leader by training, he climbed iconic summits on 4 continents.

Dugagjin Lashi

Dugagjin Lashi

Software Engineer

Tremendously tech-driven and at the edge of innovation, Dugagjin is an embedded systems engineer, doctor and full-stack developer at Shayp. Fun fact: he is taller than Zineddine, he got fatter during covid and he thinks there is nothing wrong with pizza Hawaii, "pizza is still pizza".

Hernán Blanco

Hernán Blanco

Data Engineer

Hernán is a telecommunication engineer specialized in telematics, holding a research background in the field of distributed databases. At Shayp, he develops our Data Analytics solutions and contributes to deploying them on our systems. Fun fact: his pictures are probably the most common resource when it comes to making memes in our internal channels.

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