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BFM Business


Shayp's sustainability manager was invited to FOCUS PME, the TV show presented by Vincent Touraine on BFM TV.

Business Inside


Discover Alexandre McCormack – Shayp’s CEO – giving a testimonial of our solution on Forbes Business Inside TV.


Ingrid Nolet, Shayp's Communication Manager, presents the solution of this start-up which allows you to reduce your water bill by 22% and to preserve the environment thanks to a real time analysis of the water flow.

Episode of the podcast "Change" hosted by Hélène Renaud, in which you can hear about Shayp and water savings.

For Greg, it is all about Entrepreneurship. Grégoire de Hemptinne graduated from IESE Barcelona in 2017 and he is a mountain lover from Belgium. Keep listening to learn how Greg founded a startup in the fashion niche, why he ended it afterwards, and how he found a much better idea to work on.

In this episode, Stephanie Fellen interviews Alexandre Mc Cormack, co-founder of the start-up SHAYP. Although Shayp's business model has evolved over time, as you'll see in the episode, its mission has remained the same: to save billions of liters of water.