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Optimal water use

2ZERO is particularly useful for field technicians and maintenance staff, allowing them to prioritize repairs and making them aware of the positive impact of their interventions. 2ZERO is considered a ""highly empowering and rewarding tool"" for maintenance personnel.
Our water management software improves maintenance efficiency and provides a quick return on investment by remotely monitoring the state of plumbing systems. 2ZERO alerts staff to each new or persisting leak, using the mobile portal to display an overview of all their assets

Prioritise maintenance, track your ROI

Building and energy managers can track the amount of water saved and provide their staff with advice or maintenance support when leaks persist over long periods of time. Whether it's managing water meter readings, tracking consumption or reporting on savings history, building managers have full control of all the data.

Why choose 2ZERO

2Zero is particularly effective in the hands of field technicians and maintenance staff as a means of improving their water use efficiency. They prioritize repairs and witness the positive impact of their interventions. 2ZERO has been reported as a “highly empowering and rewarding tool” for maintenance staff.

2ZERO's Advantages

Translation of data

Automatic translation of data into actionable insights for maintenance staff

Shayp’s machine

Leakages detected by Shayp’s machine learning algorithms

Use from any

Accessibility via desktop, tablet and mobile

Leak notification

Programmable SMS or Email leak alerts for different users

Tracking data

Tracking of the status, location and data quality of connected water meters

XLS export

Fast and easy XLS exports

4ONE™ for buildings

4ONE™ is a user-friendly webapp designed so building managers can better control their water consumption, thus improving their water efficiency. It comes with a guide for successful self-installation of the POLY4™. The end user can set monthly goals, customize leak alerts, receive notifications on their water consumption and check the state of their plumbing.

This is your normal weekday water consumption

Shayp's leak algorithm

For the past 3 years, Shayp has been continuously refining its leak detection algorithm that identifies discrepancies as rapidly and reliably as possible. Our algorithm progressively learns the normal flow patterns in plumbing systems, no matter their size, and assesses leakage patterns that differ from the human or normal water consumption. Our algorithm continues to improve, and all our clients and partners benefits from the latest updates of Shayp’s leak algorithm.

This is your normal weekday water consumption

We are currently pushing the boundaries of water analysis by determining the most likely type of leakage, based on data collected in the field. Our algorithm can almost link household consumption to different activities and appliances. Soon, homeowners will be able to benefit from new information about their water consumption, allowing them to manage it even better.

Learn more about your everyday leaks on an hourly basis!

What our customers say

We value our customers’ feedback! Take a look at their testimonials and the results we achieved together; find out about how we build strong working relationships with great market knowledge that saves us all water.

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Cohabs Chief operating officer

At Cohabs, we aim to limit the use of resources as much as possible in order to reduce our impact on the environment. In our homes, we tend to use durable devices and tracking devices to educate our members about their energy use. Thanks to Shayp, we can also detect water leaks in real time. Installing the device is very easy, and we have personalized support from the team who continues to make constant improvements to the system. For these reasons, Shayp is a key partner for us.

EpiCURA Manager of general maintenance

Aware that water leaks can be very expensive and in order to have a better view of our water consumption, we recently equipped our 3 hospitals and 4 polyclinics with Shayp technology. This monitoring allows us to be informed quickly in the event of detection of any abnormal flow. The advantages of this type of service for a hospital center such as EpiCURA are therefore numerous: daily global monitoring, faster interventions on faulty installations, savings in water and money.

Iris Sud Maintenance Service

The care and maintenance of the 5 Iris Sud hospitals represent a daily challenge for our teams. Shayp gives us the opportunity to monitor our water consumption from hour to hour and have peace of mind. Their technology detects any inconsistency and alerts us immediately when a water leak occurs in one of our buildings. We can now save water and money as well as prevent any risk when it comes to the integrity of our plumbing.

University of Liège Energy manager

The partnership set up with Shayp allows us to monitor our water consumption at the "Central Building" of the University of Liège which is supplied by five water meters.This monitoring allows us to be alerted in the event of a water leak or abnormally high consumption in order to reduce our consumption and avoid damage to our infrastructure.What particularly appeals to us about Shayp is that their technology allows for reduced maintenance, a granularity of data less than a quarter of an hour and that an API is available to integrate the measurements on our tracking platform.

City of Brussels Technical Manager Responsible for the Rational Use of Resources

Shayp has allowed us to identify and solve a critical problem that we did not know before. Startups such as Shayp are a necessity to address the issues of our future. The City of Brussels is proud to collaborate and support Shayp. Shayp has demonstrated a fairly spectacular return on investment. Whereas, when compared to conventional energy investments, returns are only initiated after several years.

Solar Impulse Founder of Solar Impulse

Shayp, a technology that prevents water leaks and thus saves money, is a perfect example of a solution that conserves one of our vital resources, while being economically profitable. For us, it is a matter of course to award it the Solar Impulse Label and to include it in our portfolio of 1,000 solutions.Moreover, by collaborating with the City of Brussels, which is now a partner, Shayp shows how the Solar Impulse Foundation, public authorities and innovative solutions can work together to build a more sustainable world.

Shayp can help you reduce your water bills and guarantees a return on investment in less than 18 months!

How does Shayp alert me of a leak?


Once you have access to your Shayp account, you can decide how you wish to be notified of a leak: whether it be by sending you a text message, an email, or by sending an alert to a specific URL - and this way integrating your alerts to a platform that you may already use. This will improve your water use efficiency.

How does Shayp detect leaks?


Shayp's water leak experts detect the minimum water flows during unoccupied times of the building, even buildings with night activity. Shayp reliably detects leaks using “machine learning” and statistical methods that adapt to the consumption pattern of the building. If you wish to learn more about our algorithm, check this page.

How fast can Shayp detect leaks?


Leaks over 4 liters per hour (a trickle) can be detected within an hour, small ones require more time, but the detection of both of them will improve your water use efficiency. In big buildings, leaks are detected within a couple of hours. The detection will be accurate from 24h after the installation.

What are the smallest leaks Shayp can detect?


It depends on the precision of your water meter. We can detect leaks as small as 50-60 mL per min.

What do I have to do if I spot a leak that Shayp do not detect?


If that ever happens, please send us an email to this address: support@shayp.com. Do note that Shayp cannot detect leakages that are not from the water supply piping system.