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How a Water Usage Tracker Can Save You Money

Installing a water usage tracker is a great way for your business to not only save money but also contribute to water conservation.

Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly severe issue around the globe. More and more cities finding themselves in need of water-saving initiatives.

Places like California in the United States, Cape Town, South Africa, and central Europe have recently experienced severe droughts, causing government action in an attempt to avert disaster.

However, there are only so many individual citizens can do to save water. With nearly two-thirds of water consumption around the world happening in production for corporate supply chains, businesses are in a position to make a real difference.

Not only that, but businesses can use water conservation initiatives to unlock potentially significant money savings

A great place to start for many businesses is to install a water usage tracker to more easily manage, control, and track, and for real-time water consumption monitoring.

The installation of a real-time water usage tracker and monitoring system can alert businesses to high consumption and plumbing leaks and help set and meet consumption goals.

Here are a few ways you can track your business’s water consumption and how a better water usage monitoring system can result in considerable savings for your business.

How to track water usage

Install a real-time water meter tracker

The most obvious place to start is by installing a water usage monitor. Fortunately, there are plenty of hardware and software solutions available for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A real-time water consumption monitoring tool will allow you to track and measure daily water consumption accurately, check on the health of your building’s plumbing, and detect leaks wherever they may occur.

Whatever kind of water monitoring system you use, make sure to conduct regular inspections (monthly, for example) to ensure everything is working as it should.

Conduct a site walkthrough and water audit

Regularly inspecting your building’s plumbing and systematically conducting a building water audit is an additional way to find leaks and ensure that water-saving initiatives are working.

Involve staff

Encourage staff to flag any leaks or broken plumbing fixtures they may come across. One broken tap could cost your business significant amounts of money, particularly if it’s a high-flow fixture.

By more accurately tracking water consumption, businesses can also establish employee reward programs, incentivizing water conservation in the workplace.

How a water usage monitor can save you money

Installing a water tracking system should be at the top of your list. Especially when it comes to keeping an eye on your business’s water use—and saving money in the process.

Leak detection

With over 23.9% of water consumption attributed to water leaks, this is a key area where you stand to save money, thanks to a water meter tracker.

Water consumption monitoring devices and systems like Shayp’s 2ZERO system, have smart technology that can find leaks as soon as they arise and notify maintenance staff immediately.

Shayp is an industry leader in improving water efficiency for businesses. The company has spent the last three years enhancing its 2ZERO technology, optimizing the leak-detection algorithm to rapidly and reliably identify leaks.

2ZERO analyzes your building’s water flow patterns, finding patterns that are inconsistent with typical water usage.

Consumption control

You can have much closer monitoring of how much water is consumed and where that water is used most. Like this, your business can easily and proactively establish protocols and initiatives to lower water consumption in the future.

Keeping a closer eye on consumption patterns can also help you identify areas needing new water-wise plumbing fixtures, which will further contribute to savings. Companies can also adjust flows and pressure to reduce water wastage, such as water-closet flushing cycles or high-flow taps.

Certain technologies also allow you to monitor employee water usage and implement measures to reduce water wastage and consumption by educating employees on water conservation.

Use of alternative water sources

The use of a water usage tracker can help in identifying whether areas of high water usage are for essential or non-essential purposes, you can look into additional water sources for non-essential consumption. These alternative sources can help you significantly reduce water consumption, resulting in big savings for your business.

There are systems like rainwater harvesting drums on building rooftops or greywater collection and distribution systems for use in water-closet flushing or irrigation. Those are great ways to make the most of your business’ water consumption and limit water—and money—wastage.

Shayp can help with real-time water consumption monitoring

The company is dedicated to helping businesses get easier and better access to water-efficient technology, allowing them to be water-wise and save money.

Shayp has worked with hundreds of businesses to increase savings through water conservation by analyzing water consumption and identifying leaks in real-time. Shayp used this knowledge to develop a best-in-class, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly water-saving solution.

If you are ready to increase your savings and better manage your consumption, contact the experts at Shayp to start your free demo and find the right solution for your business.

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