Wireless dataloggers for fluid meter monitoring

Suitable for water meters in deep basements or manholes, remote fountains, irrigation systems, network water meters, gas meters, electricity meters and more.


  • POLY4™ is a long-range, battery powered datalogger compatible with all pulse-ready meters, specifically designed to withstand water immersion, harsh conditions and ensure an ideal performance even in deep indoor situations.
  • Battery life exceeds 10 years thanks to its ultra low power setup and high capacity battery. POLY4™’s high performance external NB-IoT antenna transmits messages flawlessly on an hourly basis providing minute precision granularity.
  • Installation is easy thanks to on-site verification with Shayp’s Mobile Webapp.
  • POLY4™ guarantees the ultimate balance between cost and the most advanced technology on the market, ideal for deploying long lasting, high precision monitoring across all your assets.
  • POLY4™ comes with an available public API so you can transfer the data to any third party service.

Scalable and versatile

No need to deal with wiring, power supply and connectivity issues. The POLY4 keeps costs and efforts down, covering all types of situations.


POLY4 has CE IP67 waterproof level certification and is entirely assembled in Belgium. This piece of hardware is the result of 3 years of R&D with engineers from Shayp and university spin-off IMEC. It holds M8 waterproof connectors and an interactive button underneath its sturdy shell.
More about Shayp's story at IMEC

>10 year long battery life

With end-of-life notification in order to plan ahead its replacement. Batteries are entirely replaceable with 3.6V D-Cell type that can be ordered from Shayp.

Retrofit compatibility

Equipped with its own range of sensors, POLY4 can retrofit onto nearly any analog water meter or any water meter compatible for AMR.