Reducing water leakages in organisations - to zero

Our water management software provides increased maintenance efficiency and a fast return on investment by remotely monitoring and displaying the health status of plumbing systems. 2ZERO alerts staff anytime new or persistent leaks occur, linking them to the mobile friendly portal for a complete overview of all their assets. 

2ZERO is particularly effective in the hands of field technicians and maintenance staff where they prioritise repairs and witness the positive impact of their interventions. 2ZERO has been reported as a “highly empowering and rewarding tool” for maintenance staff. 

On the other hand, building managers and energy managers can track the savings generated and provide guidance or backup to maintenance when leaks abnormally persist over longer periods of time. From managing water meter indexes, tracking the evolution of water consumption or reporting on the history of savings, building managers have complete control over how they can control their data.

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2ZERO does not require any training and can be used by anyone over an entire organisation to maximise awareness and reactivity. From an educational and informative tool, all the way to xls exports, data visualisation and actionable insights, 2ZERO encompasses everything you require to best manage water consumption effectively.

Key features of 2ZERO

  • Automatic translation of data into actionable insights for maintenance staff
  • Leakages detected by Shayp’s machine learning algorithms
  • Accessibility via desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Programmable SMS or Email leak alerts for different users
  • Tracking of the status, location and data quality of connected water meters
  • Fast and easy XLS exports


For the past 3 years, Shayp has been continuously refining its proprietary leak detection algorithm to identify discrepancies as rapidly and reliably as possible. Our algorithm progressively learns the normal flow patterns in plumbing systems, no matter the size, and assesses leakage patterns that are dissociated to human or normal water consumption. Our algorithm continues to improve, and all our clients and partners benefits from the latest updates of Shayp’s leak algorithm. 

We’re currently pushing the boundaries of water analytics by determining the most likely type of leakage thanks to our gathered field data. Furthermore, our algorithm is beginning to link household consumption to different activities and appliances. Soon, homeowners will be able to benefit from brand new insights about their water consumption allowing to better improve usage. 

4ONE™ for homes

4ONE is a user friendly webapp designed for households so they can best manage and control their water consumption. It comes with the optional onboarding guide for the successful self-installation of the POLY4. Users can set their monthly objectives, customize leak alerts, receive notifications about their water consumption and perform plumbing health checks. 

We are currently working on a new module that allows homeowners to understand how their water consumption is distributed among different activities and appliances.

Shayp is fully GDPR compliant, takes privacy very seriously and is transparent on the purpose of the acquired data. Our mission is to improve property insurance services so property owners can receive better assistance and reduce water leakages.