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10 ways working with water efficiency company can benefit your business

Every business should consider working with a water efficiency company, regardless of industry or size. The reason is simple: water is an essential resource for all types of businesses. 

Organisations consume water daily, whether it is to manufacture, process or transport products or as simple as providing drinking water and bathroom facilities to their team. Yet, without correct water management, water can turn into a serious cost for the company and the environment. That is where water efficiency companies come into play.

The benefits of working with a water efficiency company go beyond better water management and outweigh the costs. In fact, establishments that have started working with water efficiency companies have made a significant return on investment

Sounds unbelievable? Read further to find out how.


What do water efficiency companies do? 

In general terms, water efficiency means responsibly using fresh water and minimising wastewater. Water efficiency companies specialise in finding ways to help you achieve that. 

By assessing water consumption, water efficiency companies can identify areas for improvement. With advanced technology and artificial intelligence, water companies detect leaks and solve water wastage problems. They use intelligent leak detectors, modern water monitoring tools, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and other water-conserving systems. The data collected from monitoring water consumption is helpful for strategies for organisations' water-efficient future.


Benefits of working with a water efficiency company

If you are considering working with a water efficiency company but are not quite sure yet, these benefits are worth considering.

1. Cutting down your water bills

The first and most evident benefit is reduced water bills. Every litre of saved water comes with financial savings. For instance, the average water tariff in Belgium is 5 euros per cubic metre. 

The Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), a large Belgian university, saved over 27 million litres of water. The amount they saved on water bills alone means they could invest elsewhere, helping the university and its students further.

2. Lower your energy bills

When we use water, we also use energy. Although it might not be apparent, there is a direct connection between water consumption and energy bills. 

For example, the energy goes into heating or cooling water, transporting fresh water or treating wastewater. Water is used for gas, steam and air conditioning supply. Some companies also use water in industrial processes, which requires energy. 

Therefore the water bills are not the only bills affected by water loss. Managing water consumption effectively will cut down energy bills.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

When we speak of all the energy used to heat, pump or treat water, we must address the greenhouse gas emissions it brings. By conserving water, you conserve energy resulting in reduced greenhouse gas pollution. For example, the above-mentioned Belgian university did not only save water but also over 4,000 kg of CO2 as a direct result.

Thus, improving water efficiency can positively contribute to the environment beyond saving water.

4. Contribute to water sustainability

Greenhouse gas emissions are not our only worry. Concerns about water scarcity are also rising. Everyone needs to play their part in promoting water sustainability - one of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Droughts, natural disasters, pollution, and other problems are depleting the nation's freshwater supply. UNESCO even predicts that the planet will lose 40% of its freshwater by 2030 if the international community fails to improve water supply management greatly.

In this context, water efficiency is a non-negotiable strategy for every business.

5. Build a water-conscious team

The actions you take at work can have a positive impact on your company staff members. It does not only mean that the team will make sustainable efforts at the office but also bring these new positive habits home. 

Therefore your organisation can combat water wastage also outside of company premises. By working with a water efficiency company to execute water-saving strategies, you will assist in shaping staff members' perspectives on water wastage - at work and in their homes.

6. Set an example for other organisations

If your company's goals include greater sustainability efforts, then becoming water efficient will encourage others to follow in your footsteps. The achievements of your company will not go unnoticed and can be an inspiration for others.

We can achieve a water-efficient future when businesses across diverse sectors embrace modern water-saving technology, promote water sustainability in their facilities, and build a team of individuals committed to conserving water. 

7. Enhance your company reputation

When making sustainable choices, your company will build a reputation as environmentally-conscious and forward-thinking. It helps you build the trust of clients, partners, stakeholders or investors and attract passionate employees. 

Sustainable investments also lead to recognition and securing sustainability certifications. For example, companies can achieve renowned BREEAM certification when making sustainable improvements to their buildings. Water efficiency improvements give you a significant advantage in this. 

8. Damage-proof your buildings

Leakages are one of the most common sources of water waste in buildings. Unfortunately, the majority of them stay hidden for a long time.

For any organisation, undetected leaks will affect the business environment. Leaks can damage the building, facilities and equipment and even reach your computers, stopping all business activities. Proper water monitoring and management prevent unexpected water damage.

9. Comply with water conservation regulations

Thankfully, policymakers around the globe have not ignored the challenges of water scarcity. Governments in some countries or regions have set rules for companies to conserve water. As part of the European green deal, the EU set rules for large and listed companies to report information on their risks and opportunities and their impacts on the environment. That includes the consumption of water. A water efficiency company can help enterprises reach those standards and ensure you stay up-to-date with legislation changes.

10. Increase resiliency towards unexpected water emergencies

Lastly, water efficiency also encourages long-term thinking and preparing for the unpredictable. Climate change is causing more water-related emergencies and severe weather conditions. Becoming water efficient also makes your organisation less water dependent. You can make your company less vulnerable to water shortages or water usage restrictions due to extreme weather conditions.


Achieve your water sustainability goals

With the rising concern for water scarcity and the clear benefits of water-saving strategies, many businesses have already started working with water efficiency companies. Both private and public organisations are already saving millions of litres of water and benefiting the environment and their business along the way. 

You can meet your water sustainability goals by collaborating with a reputable water efficiency company that detects leaks and monitors your water usage. 

If you wish that for your business, book a free demo with Shayp, and we can discuss how your business can increase its water efficiency in no time.