Our Mission

Shayp's vision is to democratize access to water efficient technology and build favorable services for organizations and citizens. Shayp seeks to set the gold standard for the future of smart meters where end users of water are at the center of the value proposition, while benefiting insurances, water companies and facility services along the way.

In January 2020, Shayp received the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label for its innovative technology for analyzing water consumption and detecting water leaks in real-time. Shayp's solution was judged to be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

"Shayp, a technology that prevents water leaks and thus saves money, is a perfect example of a solution that conserves one of our vital resources, while being economically profitable. For us, it is a matter of course to award it the Solar Impulse Label and to include it in our portfolio of 1,000 solutions. Moreover, by collaborating with the City of Brussels, which is now a partner, Shayp shows how the Solar Impulse Foundation, public authorities and innovative solutions can work together to build a more sustainable world" shared Bertrand Piccard.


We measure our impact as part of our mission

35% of the drinking water distributed in homes, buildings and infrastructure is wasted due to water leaks. The latter go unnoticed, and water losses regularly represent 10 to 50% of each water bill. Our technology allows us to evaluate these water leaks in real time and ensure maintenance. Water consumption is measured, water leaks are detected and reported through the Shayp router via an instant alert.

Shayp is committed to SDG 6 and its objectives 6.4 and 6.5. Shayp aims to work with the insurance industry, building managers and owners to eliminate water leakage and related water damage. Eliminating water leakage helps to preserve this precious resource, here and elsewhere. We want to make our cities more resilient to climate change and shortages that we are most likely to face in the near future. Shayp also pays particular attention to other SDGs on which we have an impact, such as circularity, smart cities, poverty reduction, social inclusion and partnerships.

We combine innovation, simplicity and ecology in this unique solution, and thus wish to contribute to a conscious use and behavior of water. In the near future, we will further develop our product by introducing predictive analytics to find new and innovative ways to reduce water consumption.


Shayp assembles and manufactures all its devices in Belgium. Some components that are not manufactured in Belgium inevitably come from other countries or continents, such as the 20 Ah batteries. However, everything is optimised to minimise unnecessary transport to the product's destination. That is why we prioritise manufacturing, assembly and delivery from the same factory in Poperinge, Flanders. Shayp prioritizes local repair partners, not only to guarantee a better response time for our customers, but also to avoid extensive travel.


After the device has passed its 10-year autonomy, it is 100% recyclable, just like its batteries. For example, a screw system was preferred over a plasturgic weld, which makes it possible to reactivate the unit after 10 years simply by changing the battery so that it can be operated for several more years. The manufacturing cost is certainly higher, but given the leasing model of the equipment, it is in our economic interest that the equipment be durable and resistant.

Our wish

  • Reduce global consumption of distributed water by 30% and reduce associated collateral damage.
  • Use our technology and service to save 100 billion liters of water worldwide by 2021.

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