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Why You Should Invest in Commercial Water Leak Detection Services

Fixing water leak damage in commercial buildings can be costly. Thankfully, businesses and commercial property owners need not frequently spend large amounts of money on avoidable plumbing issues.

With smarter tech innovations and more companies offering commercial water leak detection services, organizations can significantly cut down the frequency of pipe leaks.

Why invest in commercial water leak detection services?

Your water bill will be cheaper

A sudden spike in your water bill is one of the first few signs of a plumbing issue—something as small as non-stop dripping will significantly impact your water bill if left unfixed. Thankfully, you won’t keep paying ridiculous water bills when you invest in water leak detection services.

You’ll spend less on plumbing maintenance

Pipes tend to deteriorate over time. So, slight leaks sometimes indicate that a pipe is due for a change. Unfortunately, when leaks are undetected for a long time, more plumbing damage can occur.

Having a water leak detection system in place will make you aware of plumbing malfunctions in your building. This early detection will prompt you to make necessary fixes, thereby avoiding further damage that’ll cause you to spend more in the future.

You’ll avoid interruptions in your business operations

Plumbing issues in commercial buildings (say, an office) can disrupt regular business operations. Imagine an undetected leak causes an office to flood: The company might have to restrict customers from accessing the building, thereby disrupting day-to-day operations. Businesses can avoid this problem with a system that detects anomalies in a building’s plumbing.

You’ll prevent structural damage

Suppose a pipe bursts in an office basement (probably after freezing). In this scenario, water might accumulate beneath the building and degrade its foundation if the issue is left unaddressed for a long period of time. A proper tracking/reporting system can prevent this type of costly damage to a building.

Your work environment will be cleaner and safer

Pipe leaks cause the formation of mold and mildew, cracks, and water marks on walls. In addition to ruining a building’s interior and exterior, the disgusting appearance and musty odor will also drive away your customers. Mold and mildew can also affect employees’ health and, as a result, their job performance.

Make sure these issues never have a chance to arise by investing in commercial water leak detection services.

You’ll help to conserve water

Water is a precious natural resource we all must conserve. As the population (and water usage) continues to increase, many regions of the world have become victims of water scarcity.

Early water leak detection helps prevent the loss of hundreds (or thousands) of gallons of water.

Your water will be safer

Mold forms around the area of a leak. If these microorganisms get through a pipe, they’ll make water unsafe for drinking (and for other purposes).

Having a proper water leak detection system in place will help you know when a leak begins. That way, you’ll make all necessary repairs before mold and mildew form and contaminate the water flowing through the pipe.

Commercial properties and plumbing issues

It’s common for businesses to have to deal with plumbing issues quite frequently, particularly when occupying a building that’s more than 10 years old.

You’ll find water pipes inside walls in many commercial buildings. This architectural design makes it challenging to detect leaks early. In most cases, you’ll only become aware of a leak when it has left visible, costly footprints (like a sudden spike in the water bill).

Except when there’s a burst, pipe leakages seldom happen swiftly and usually begin as little drips. These drips can compound into hundreds (or thousands) of gallons of wasted water when left undetected for a long time.

Smart business owners are investing in water leak detection services (and are recording positive ROI over short periods). This is a move that all organizations should make.

With machine learning technology and constant tracking/reporting, your company’s maintenance team will quickly detect water leaks. Also, businesses that deal in water leak detection services will locate leakage spots effortlessly and accurately.

Safeguard properties, people, and the environment

You won’t only protect your property when you invest in commercial water leak detection services – you’ll also help look after people’s health and the environment.

Shayp helps organizations save more money using their prize-winning water leak detection technology. Want to spend less on bills and more on things that’ll grow your business? Request a free demo today.