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Shayp's SaaS Business Model - Boost Sustainability now

There is nothing more important to a company's success than sustainability. With the environmental challenges that face our world, businesses must act responsibly. However, sustainability doesn't necessarily have to come with a heavy cost if you're running your company using the SaaS business model. Learn how Shayp has managed to be a leader in sustainability while growing profit margins using the SaaS software.

About Shayp

Shayp is a corporation that specializes in reducing unnecessary water usage and detecting water leaks. Shayp assists real-estate owners in reducing water consumption in buildings by more than 22% by correcting leaks and system inconsistencies and offering greater control and insights on total water usage.

The company is a rapidly expanding technology firm with headquarters in Brussels. It offers cutting-edge software analytics for keeping track of water usage in buildings.

Through high-resolution monitoring and machine learning, Shayp assists property owners and managers in reducing expenses and time related to plumbing repairs, excessive water usage, and operations. Established in October 2017, Shayp's goal is to assist property owners in better managing how they use water across all their assets.

What is SaaS Business Model?

SaaS stands for software as a service, meaning that rather than downloading your software from an intermediary (like your local download store), you get to directly access the software on the internet. Businesses that utilize the SaaS software are driven by subscriptions and can offer more flexibility to their users. However, companies that use the SaaS business model tend to be in more competitive markets and must actively work to establish their brand.

How Shayp is Using the SaaS Business Model to Boost Sustainability

Shayp detects leaks and system irregularities throughout a building's water supply system using the SaaS software. An easy and comprehensive web app then quickly informs employees and assists in cost-effectively prioritizing actions. Users may view their history of activities, the amount of water saved, and any additional initiatives to boost water efficiency.

With the SaaS software in use, Shayp can cut down on costs associated with leaks, systems downtime, and higher repair costs. Service warranty costs can also be reduced, as Shayp's cold-water detection reduces water leaks that require immediate repair. Additionally, this software can increase productivity by reducing water waste and providing greater control over water usage throughout the building.

Furthermore, the SaaS software provides ESG and sustainable initiatives with the highest ROI in less than 12 months. ESG reporting for Shayp indicates that the company relies on environmental or social performance and traditional financial metrics. With Shayp's SaaS business model, you can monitor water usage and detect water leaks from every appliance in your building from one centralized platform. Shayp's web app monitors each unit of a building's water system for any signs of leakage or inconsistency.

Why is Shayp the Right Choice for you?

While Shayp's SaaS business model allows for long-term and sustainable growth, it also offers high-performance tools for short-term financial results. Shayp's ESG and financial results improve by implementing a water conservation system.

The SaaS software is easy to adapt and provides the highest ROI due to its fast-growing customer base. Shayp has already reduced water use by 22% and saved property owners more than $2 million. They have achieved this by implementing a water conservation system that uses real-time data and machine learning to identify and fix water leaks that can cost time and money for property owners and managers.

The user experience, a core aspect of Shayp's SaaS business model, offers a seamless flow between Shayp's customer and management teams. Retrofit wireless water sensors are installed on each water pressure meter within a building, allowing for a single online dashboard for the entire building's water system. This allows for a consistent view of water consumption and can help property owners manage the length of their pipeline and the total water supply in their buildings.

Although you may encounter hurdles with the data logger, Shayp has an installation of data loggers with jump cuts available. If you need help with installation, Shayp offers a team of experienced professionals who can guide you through the steps and adequately connect your system to your property's water meter.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are a property owner or are planning to expand your real-estate portfolio, Shayp's SaaS business model can help you reduce water consumption in your building in less than 12 months while increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits. It can also help you attain sustainable growth in the long term.

Project sustainability can be a challenge for real estate owners and managers. If you want an innovative and scalable solution to water conservation, leaks, and system irregularities, check out Shayp's cutting-edge technology and contact their experts.