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Digitalisation of CPAS, entering a new era

The digital transformation of our society accelerated with the health crisis in 2020. Public services had to adapt to an exclusively online service as the case of CPAS to achieve different types of social actions. Although, with digitalisation, a new era is opening up.

This era of modernisation is supported in Belgium by the get-up Wallonia social action recovery plan, created to provide direct support to local authorities in the field of IT and digitalisation in order to pursue the following double objective. Firstly, to improve the overall state of the local IT infrastructure. Secondly to improve the dematerialisation of exchanges between citizens and businesses.

The grant takes into account:

  • Update or acquisition of IT equipment (laptops, screens, etc.);
  • Update or acquisition of software (cybersecurity, remote connection, videoconferencing, meeting broadcasting, remote communication tools, etc.);
  • Upgrade of municipal websites to improve access to information;
  • Training in teleworking for staff and management or social workers

    This plan underlines the will to support the Walloon revival on local authorities and in particular on the Public Centres for Social Action (CPAS).

The environnemental objective

The environmental objective of the get-up Wallonia plan includes the preservation of water reserves.

A good starting point for many companies is the installation of a water consumption monitoring system. They do it in order to manage, control and monitor water consumption more easily in real-time.

Installing a real-time water consumption monitoring and tracking system can alert companies. They would be able to detect high consumption and plumbing leaks and help them to set and achieve consumption targets.

In this context, we can congratulate the initiative of the Brussels CPAS, a center for social change, to use the SHAYP solution to manage its water consumption.
Indeed, only for this year 2020, we can assume that the CPAS Brussels saved 1,795,571 euros thanks to the resolved leaks detected by Shayp.

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