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Use case: perfect preventive maintenance in Dendermonde

The new building De Kroon in Dendermonde, home to the city kindergarten, is one of five buildings equipped by Shayp. An exemplary portfolio for First Alderman Leen Dierick, responsible for public buildings, and her colleague Filip D'hooghe, heritage manager, which has not suffered a single water leak to date! Preventive maintenance and a strong commitment are behind these good practices of sustainability. Here are some explanations. 

Skyrocketing energy bills and easy best practices

First of all, you need to get an overview of the condition, functionality and age of your buildings, explains Leen Dierick. The municipality of Dendermonde is responsible for the proper functioning of about 80 public buildings. Centralising functionality and best practices is therefore essential to manage this large portfolio. It also makes it possible to see which buildings need to be invested in, for example to make them more energy neutral. 

Since the end of 2021, energy bills have been rising steadily, and Dendermonde's elected representative agrees that local representatives should set an example and encourage good environmental practices (installation of solar panels, efficient use of water, etc.) to inspire their fellow citizens.

No water leaks detected so far

Leen Dierick emphasises the actions of the city of Dendermonde for better water management: "We have to consider water as a scarce resource. It is important to use it wisely in buildings. Together with our building maintenance and property teams, we invested in Shayp’s solution, a tool for monitoring water consumption and detecting leaks. Of the 5 buildings equipped, none of them showed any leaks in the weeks following installation. We are convinced of the technological and sustainable benefits of this solution and have decided to equip another 20 buildings in 2022. Using water efficiently is one of our priorities."

A city like Dendermonde consumes an average of 3,500 m³ of water per month for its entire building stock of around 80 buildings. This is equivalent to a bill of 210,000 to 250,000 euros per year.

A solution for your property portfolio

Filip D'hooge, Property Manager, shares that before Shayp was installed, water meters were read manually. This was a time-consuming task that could take several weeks. In order to detect consumption anomalies, Filip D'hooghe compared water consumption to the previous month. 

Shayp makes it possible to "track water consumption by the minute", even every 30 seconds. This is a huge source of satisfaction for managers such as Filip, as it allows him to "save a lot of time and energy, because otherwise they would be constantly busy detecting leaks themselves and would intervene too late."

Dendermonde and Shayp work together to preserve water resources

Since the launch of Shayp, 1.5 billion litres of water have been saved, the equivalent of 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and 171 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

If, like the city of Dendermonde, you want to implement sustainability in your building management, book a free demonstration with our experts.

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Location: Kroonveldlaan 40, 9200 Dendermonde

Contact person for the city of Dendermonde: Filip D'hooghe@dendermonde.be

Web page of the alderman and federal parliamentarian, Leen Dierick: https://www.leendierick.be/