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Introducing real-time water flow analytics and non-invasive technology that helps reduce and prevent customer-side leakages. Our water leak detection service allows building operators to eradicate leakages and track water consumption remotely effortlessly.

Leaks are a daily challenge in buildings

0% of your water bill covers the cost of leakage
Burst pipes are 0 times more likely than fire damage
0/0 of all buildings experience costly water leaks every year

Our Advantages

Fully automated leak

No manual configuration or arbitrary leak thresholds, let machine learning work its magic with extreme accuracy


No need to modify piping or install cables. Our datalogger has a 10-year (battery) life span and records data in high resolution.

Meter index

Save time accessing your water meter indexes through our precise remote meter readings

User-friendly system

Comprehensive, user-friendly information for field technicians, operators and occupants


Perfectly suitable for the management of multiple properties and meters

Easy integration

Bi-directional API integration (external data retrieval or integration on other platforms)

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Steps to Success
Steps to Success

Steps to Success

Plug’n’play wireless water monitoring
Collect Data from Meters & Sub-Meters
water efficiency
Let the Autonomous AI do its work
water leak detection services
Easy Prioritisation & Water Efficiency Tracking
water efficiency in buildings
Targeted & Effective Maintenance

What our customers say

We value customer feedback! Discover the strengths of the Shayp community, shared in the testimonials below. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the market, our team is able to support each customer in their own sustainable water-saving efforts.

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