Measuring Sustainability with Sustainalytics for LEED, BREEAM, and GRESB

Sustainalytics is a term starting to surface in the business world as various entities look for ways to measure sustainability. […]

ESG investing

Introducing ESG Investing in the Real Estate Industry

Sustainability is the path to a more eco-friendly and efficiently-run society. It’s become a leading concern among business stakeholders since […]


Shayp wins the public tender contract issued by the SWDE, the leading water supplier in Wallonia, for its new smart metering service, easyCONSO.

Shayp, a company specialized in water monitoring and automatic leak detection has become the new trusted technical provider of the […]

Sustainable Development Goals

How Shayp Answers UN Sustainable Development Goals

Shayp’s corporate mission is to provide water-efficient technologies and to build services that benefit organizations, businesses, cities, and municipalities. To […]

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